TRANS-KOP s.c. has been engaged in demolition works, demolition of industrial facilities for many years.

We have modern demolition and crushing equipment, allowing us to carry out demolition and demolition up to 22.5m from ground level – a long reach, Ultra Long mast excavator.

In the historical activity we can find dismantling of reinforced concrete structures of underground as well as aboveground installations on the territory of PKN ORLEN S.A.-Plock Plant, ANWIL S.A.-in Włocławek, Orlen Południe S.A. in Trzebinia and many others throughout the country.

Construction industry – we perform demolition and demolition of buildings using the traditional method – excavators armed with hydraulic hammers, crushing jaws.

We have crushers, sorters, screeners for recycling demolition materials, which we recycle on site in accordance with our decisions – No. BDO 000023496.

Mechanical industry – mechanical cutting with scissors, jaws – “crocodiles” mounted on excavators of steel elements such as coats, sheets, tanks, pipes complement our offer in the liquidation of industrial facilities.

During demolition, we deal with the decommissioning of the electrical and PiA-metering and automation industries, for which we have qualified personnel.

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