We carry out water construction and drainage works.

The following are realizations of drainage construction projects:

  • Drainage with a system of open ditches;
  • Drainage with a system of drainage networks;
  • Works related to small retention (levees, weirs, small retention tanks);
  • Fire tanks and storm drain evaporators;
  • Securing and reinforcing slopes against scouring;
  • HDPE and LDPE geomembranes, sealed barriers resistant to hydrocarbons and chemicals;
  • Sealed substrates for trays and roads, reservoir fields, hazardous material storage sites;

We also perform maintenance of water and drainage structures and facilities.

In the field of water construction, we carry out the following works:

  • Regulation of rivers, dredging the riverbed;
  • The construction of flood barriers;
  • Construction of large retention reservoirs.