• Engineering works, i.e. CFA foundation piles and CFA foundation piles in a casing pipe – VDW (Vor Der Wand) piles in Polish SPGO – double rotary head system. Gravel piles. 
  • Hydrotechnical structures – dams, levees, shoreline reinforcement, dikes and embankments, reservoirs.   
  • Trench protection – cofferdams, palisade, Berliner wall.  
  • Demolition, demolition of industrial and public facilities. Height – 25m.  
  • Recycling, crushing of rubble including sorting into 3 fractions.  
  • Earthworks – excavation up to a depth of 30m.   
  • Land exchange, land reclamation and land leveling.   
  • Construction of permanent and temporary roads.  
  • Construction of embankments, soil stabilization with cement, lime and ashes.
  • Disposal of non-hazardous and hazardous waste.  
  • Dismantling of materials containing hazardous substances – asbestos.  
  • Oversized transport up to 80 tons.  
  • Loading, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste. 


  • Natural aggregates of various granulations (sand, sand bed, gravel).
  • Concrete ballast and natural stone – clinker.  
  • Humus (fertile soil), peat.